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Monday, June 10, 2013


via this auction

" An original 1962 Gibson ES-335 TD electric guitar in the stunning cherry red finish with block inlays. Serial number 72736. This beautiful guitar is 51 years old and has clearly seen nothing but love and pampering in it's life time. She is weighing in at a very light weight 7 pounds and 4 ounces. The guitar is in absolutely remarkable condition considering it's age. Absolutely no breaks at any point in its life. She still has the original PAF pickups. They remain untouched. In fact, the covers on the pickups have never even been unsoldered so we can be sure that the wiring is all original. The neck pickup reads in at the mid 7's and the bridge pickup is at a very healthy 8.5. The finish is 100% original. We put it up to a black light test and it passed without any issue. At one point the original owner had installed a bigsby but reinstalled the factory original nickel stop tail piece. The intonation on the guitar is perfect. No bowing or bending of the neck. It sits just as you would want it too. The original kluson tuners are in perfect working order. No bends or other funny issues that you commonly find on vintage guitars. There is some minor wear on the guitar as to be expected for a guitar of this age. The most noticeable is a minor chip on the top of the headstock. All the wear is 100% cosmetic though. I just had the guitar inspected for originality and appraised by Gary Brower's shop, Real Guitars. I would gladly provide a copy of the appraisal for anyone who may be interested.

Now to the fun part. The sound. This beauty has had 51 years of blood, sweat, tears, soul, and passion oozing through her. The guitar has more mojo in the low E then any modern 335 reissue/repro. This guitar, simply put, is perfect. It is the sound we have been chasing since the day the 335 was born. TONE TONE TONE. Tone with grit, history, soul, and emotion. Not many in this world have had the opportunity to play an original 1962 Gibson 335. The reason Gibson is always trying to make reproduction models of this guitar is because they know it is the best they have ever made and not enough were made in the 60's to suit the worlds demands. This guitar is the voice of the blues era, one of the most heart wrenching and true periods music has gone through..."

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