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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1962/63 Fender Stratocaster Surf Green

via this auction

"Here we have a 1962/63 Stratocaster (Serial# 89199) which had a FENDER FACTORY custom color refinish the following year in Surf Green. Collectors have different agendas when acquiring old guitars; Some want to put them behind glass or in a closet to let their value accrue. Some of us don't see guitars as just an investment but as an instrument which should be played and enjoyed fully! My beliefs on vintage guitars coincide with vintage cars; Upgrade wherever possible utilizing newer, superior technology while still retaining the original aesthetic and abide by The Cardinal Rule of never doing something you can't undo.

I brought this guitar to Master Luthier Brian Miller from The 12th Fret in Toronto. For those who may not know, this shop has international acclaim for both their impressive vintage inventory but more importantly, their incredible staff of experienced luthiers. ( We discussed extensively what could be upgraded while retaining the original value. Also note that any original part which was upgraded I still have and is included in the sale with exception to the original frets and nut.


-Supremely straight 1963 veneer neck with small peghead, '64 Fender Factory decal (done in factory during refinish), Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and wonderfully aged clay dot inlays (before they switched to the less desirable Indian rosewood, large peghead and pearl inlays)

-New Gotoh tuners installed. Don't worry, these are designed to match perfectly with the original Kluson Deluxe set and were installed with no additional routing or drilling. They are currently installed with the guitars original vintage bushings and screws.

-Wonderful 'B' profile which is incredibly smooth and comfortable for any sized hand

-New vintage-tinted nut beautifully installed and currently slotted for string gauges up to 11's

-Nearly Brand new medium/jumbo frets with extremely minimal to zero wear (proof's in the pics)


-Brand new and far superior Lace Holy Grail pickups installed (Don't worry, the original black-bottoms are included with all original screws, rubber washers and braided wiring)

-Brand new 250k pots installed (Original '62 Stackpole tones and CTS volume pot included with original braided wires still attached)

-Brand new 5-way switch installed (Original 3-way included)


-Quite possibly the most gorgeous finish in the history of guitars

-Re-finished in the Fender factory in 1964 utilizing the 'Lazy Suzan' spray technique. (There are nail holes in specific places on the body to confirm this in addition to Factory identification codes which are soldered-burned under the pickguard and stamped in the neck cavity)

-Sealed in the coveted nitrocellulose lacquer which was abandoned in 1968 to be replaced with polyurethane and is why these pre-CBS Fenders age so incredibly.

-The glorious 'Surf Green' color and 'Duco' paint type was introduced by Fender to offer something really special to their customers who had grown tired of the sunburst finish. The color was created to replicate a '57 Chevy experience.

-The natural 50 years of aging has created a brilliantly checked and 'crazed' patina that will never be replicated by Joe Schmo in his workshop with a chisel and a heat lamp (even if he now works for the Fender custom shop). Only decades of time can create such beautiful spider-cracking web of depth and mojo.

-The original 3-ply green pickguard is in phenomenal condition and the aluminum shield and corners are all in tact which is a rarity for these things. (Particularly at the treble horn)

-All knobs are original in addition to the bridge, saddles, springs and jack/plate. Backplate and original tremelo is missing (Fender reissue included)

-Brand new Schaller strap-locks installed (Original buttons and screws included but this is one guitar you don't want slipping off your shoulder)

In Closing
So there we have it. An absolutely brilliant vintage Pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster which not only retains it's original beauty and value but is also stage-ready right out of the case. No down time, worry or additional costs for you to make it fully playable and heavenly sounding because the work has already been done and by one of the best in the business. I hope this guitar brings you all the joy it has given me over the years. Original hardshell case included. Good Luck!"

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Unknown said...

Hi, I´m actually looking for a surf green strat. Is this still available? Best regards Stefan