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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1964 Fender Stratocaster Pre CBS

via this auction

"Since obtaining this '64 strat I have played it in many bands, studios, churches and mini tours.
Also used it for teaching guitar lessons.
(I am a full time musician)

It appears on albums by The Surf Zombies, Dick Prall, Meerkats and many more.
It was in great shape when I got it but I've been playing a lot of gigs and it shows real wear from real playing.
Not a relic job.

The frets were pretty low so I had it re-fretted by Harold Marling in 1994 in Marion Iowa.
The nut was broken and low so I had him install a graphite nut.
The frets are large and have a lot of life left in them but they have wear in the first few frets.
It was an exeptionally well done fret job.
I have had many many guitars re-fretted over the years and this is the finest job.
No hype, this is true.
I replaced the output jack plate with a new gold one but have the old one and will include it.

Also have the 3 way switch that came with the guitar (came to me with a 5 way installed).
Also the wammy bar was missing so I added a new gold one in the 90's.
It does not have a back plate covering the trem springs (I never use them any how).

Original case included.
Plays good, easy to bend strings up high without fretting out.
Is set up to be played with 10's. Action is set up a little high which makes it easier to bend.
Intonation is decent. Can play little chords up the neck and they are in tune.
Everything works.
The tuners are original except one which seems to have been replaced before I took possession.
Clay dots, very nicely green original pickguard ( it was photographed outside so the light washed out the green color).
Pick ups read 1964 in pencil, neck is stamped with a March 1964 date.
Has a rather slim neck..."

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