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Monday, June 17, 2013

1971 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass

via this auction

"March 1971 (KC073) Rickenbacker 4001 bass in the desirable fireglo finish. There are roughly 20 '71 4001 basses listed in the Rickenbacker serial number registry and this is the cleanest of them all (and also listed in the registry under my ID). I have no idea what to ask for this bass because they are becoming rare to even see listed for sale, let alone in this near-mint condition. So I'm listing it at a fixed price and asking for best offers. I bought it from the second owner who had kept it stored under his bed in the case since the early 80's. This bass is highly desirable and is a transition era bass, combining many of the best features of the 60's and 70's Rickenbacker basses:

1) Walnut headstock wings
2) No skunk stripe
3) Snot-colored bobbin bridge pickup (no black paint) with untouched slotted nickel screw-top pole pieces
4) Plexi finger pull/thumb rest
5) One of the thinnest necks (based on recorded data online). Overall girth is incredibly thin all the way up and down the neck: 1st fret 10.9 cm, 3rd fret 11.3 cm, 12th fret 12.8 cm.
6) Gap-toothed cast bridge tailpiece with NO tail lift
7) Grover flat box tuners - these are incredibly rare and in mint condition
8) Deluxe crushed glass full-width sparkle inlays
9) Ric-O-Sound stereo output + standard mono output
10) Original brown tolex case (clean, leather end caps, no mold, interior smells fresh)
11) Checkerboard bound body and bound neck
12) Scatter-wound toaster pickup (1/2" from neck)
13) Clear plastic back-painted TRC (truss rod cover) - cleanest I've ever seen!.."

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