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Thursday, June 13, 2013


via this auction

"Brand new Knaggs T1 Severn finished in Winter Solstice. This is true hand built quality that rivals anything out there. If you don't know Joe Knaggs, he was head of R & D at PRS for a number of years and also was head of the Private Stock department at PRS. He hand his hand in almost every PRS Private Stock ever built and as such, his name and signature is often found on the COA's and headstocks of those amazing guitars. This will be very familiar for any PRS 513 or 305 fans out there, and given these are hand built one at a time, the attention to detail is second to none. This is a custom order specifically for DG and has a bunch of amazing upgrades including 24K Gold Diamond Outline Inlays ($1500 upgrade) and a gorgeous super dark abalone inlaid Ebony Pickguard! Sexy!.."

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