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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vintage 1956 / 1959 Gretsch Round up with Case

via this auction

"This is an original 1956 Gretsch Roundup. All of the electronics including pickups ..... pots ..... knobs ......Belt Border .... Tailpiece ....bridge .... tuners ..... ect. are 1956 original. I just found out from my mother ... my father is gone now, that in 1959, she remembers because it was the year I was born, my father sent this back to Gretsch because he was having issues with the neck. Gretsch replaced the neck and returned it in a new case, as a nice business gesture. So what we have here is a 1956 Gretsch round up, with a Gretsch factory replaced 1959 neck. The face of the headstock looks black in the picture, but is actually brown. The guitar is completely solid with no breaks or repaired breaks. The neck is perfectly straight, and truly the guitar plays perfectly, with very low string action to the top. All the electronics function as they should and both pickups sound wonderful. My father loved this guitar, and when the back got scratched up from playing, he stripped just the back of the body and re sprayed it with a coat of laquer. The front of the body is the original finish as is the neck. The original Gretsch 6130 roundup sticker is in the control cavity, but some stripper got on it and it not completely ledgable. Two pots date to the 18 week of 1956 and the stacked pot dates to the 14th week of 56. All capacitors original..."

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