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Monday, July 22, 2013


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"For sale is this immaculate 1958 Fender Esquire electric guitar. This example is in near perfect 100% all original condition and includes: the original Victoria vinyl gigbag, the original ash tray bridge cover, the original brown leather strap, the original silver instrument cable, the original (blank) hangtag, and even the original Fender flatwound strings! Sure, many guitars are considered all original.. but this one is truly 100% original... once again, it still has it's original strings! Furthermore, this is simply one of the cleanest specimens from this era I have ever seen. The only evidence of wear, has been due to the storage within it's original gigbag. The blonde is completely unfaded, and it's incredible to see the original color in it's original hue. Aside from some expected weather-checking and the several marks from possible zipper rash, inspecting this '58 Esquire is akin to opening the time capsule of your dreams.

This guitar has never been cleaned nor polished. There are dirt smudges and several marks that could easily be removed with a basic cleaning regimen. In conclusion, even the dust is original..."

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