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Thursday, August 1, 2013

1960 Les Paul TV Special Electric Guitar, P-90 Pickups

via this auction

"This is a one owner original ( not a reissue) 1960 Les Paul TV special serial number 0 1446 and has had no work done to it at all. This is about as original as your going to find. The son of the original owner did say that sometime in late 1969 (he believes) Gibson sent him a new stop tail piece cause the original one cracked. They said it was an improvement on their behalf and sent it out to him at no charge. Other than that it has all original P-90 Pickups, switches, electronics, pickguard, tuners and all. Even has the original case that came with the guitar in 1960 with the old Gibson logo. These were called TV models due to the yellowish/beige paint job that would stand out on a Black and white TV a lot better than the usual darker colors. This has a one piece maple neck and was one of the last old slab solid mahogany bodies made..."

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