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Monday, August 5, 2013


via this auction

"For sale is this very special vintage 1962 Gibson ES-175 hollowbody electric guitar, serial number 71807. This particular, absolutely pristine, incredibly virgin, magnificently mint, 100% all original '62 ES-175DN is without question the cleanest specimen you will ever gaze your eyes upon. Purchased from a family friend of the original owner, it was purported that his meticuluous care included the purchase of an oversized case (L5, Super 400) to accommodate extra cotton padding. In fact, it was also explained that if anyone stepped within his music room, there were immediate and sometimes violent repercussions. He probably never breathed on this guitar, let alone played it. This perfect '62 ES-175 includes the original hangtag, the original brown leather strap, the original pick pouch with vintage Gibson pics, a vintage instrument cable, and the aforementioned oversized brown Lifton case. Of the 68 total ES-175DNs shipped in 1962, this has to be the best one in existence. Furthermore, it features original P.A.F. humbucking pickups, and a sexy stinger on the back of the headstock.

This museum caliber piece has remained in a virtual vault for over 50 years. It is so incredibly well-preserved that it looks new. It's actually quite dumbfounding to inspect an instrument with such age, and not find the slightest indication of weather-checking, finish-fading, or other typically natural condition defects caused with the inevitable passing of time. The nickel hardware is shiny and sheen, with the reflective qualities of a window. The same is true for the ultra rich black finish on both the front and back of the headstock, as you are able to look beyond the surface of the finish, past the paint, and deep into the perfect reflection. The only cosmetic clue of this instrument not being made yesterday, is the ever-so-slight oxidation on the original factory large frets. And since this guitar was never cleaned nor detailed, the organic green oxidation remains, underneath which are perfectly intact frets with no evidence of wear.

Not pictured are original photos of the owner. Since the guitar was not featured in any of the photos, they were not included in the auction description, however, the family was adamant that they be kept with the instrument..."

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