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Thursday, August 1, 2013

1963 Gibson SG Les Paul

Marshall JCM 900 SL-X, 1963 Gibson Les Paul Custom vs. 1970s Fender Stratocaster (Gibson humbucker)
Published on Jul 22, 2013 Alan Irwin·49 videos

1963 Gibson Les Paul Custom Clean Demo

via this auction

"This is a fantastic vintage guitar that both looks, sounds and plays great. The guitar is original barring the tuners which are newer Gotoh brand. It has had a recent fantastic pro re-fret so the frets are in great shape.

There is a scratch lengthwise on the rear of the neck (cosmetic). The finish on the rear of the neck where there was some wear and on the rear bout by the rear strap button have been touched up. I have taken many blacklight photos for you to see. The guitar has no breaks or structural repairs. The little binding piece at the base of the fingerboard has fallen off.

Now for the goods!

-The guitar has original gold no-wire ABR-1 bridge and gold tailpiece

-It has all of the original pickups and they are all strong, rocking, fat sounding pickups!

Bridge = PAF (8.42K)

Middle = Pat Sticker (middle position reads a proper 3.97K)

Neck = Pat Sticker (7.41K)

-Wiring/pots/caps/switch appear to be original (possibly re-soldered at some point)

-Pickguard, control backplate, truss rod cover and neck tenon plastic covers are all original

-Knobs are original

-Finish is 95% original with just the touchups on the rear of the neck and by the rear strap button

-Serial number = 119738

This guitar sounds amazingly fat, chunky, but also has a direct quality from the ebony fingerboard. It has even action all the way up the neck and the newer frets make for a very easy play."

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