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Thursday, August 8, 2013

1969 1970 Fender Stratocaster custom Candy Apple Red

via this auction

"original 1969 (or possibly 1970) custom colorcandy apple red Fender Stratocaster with rose wood finger board serial number2796xx. This is an amazing sounding andplaying rare vintage guitar. It weighs 7.28lbs. It has alloriginal vintage working parts and the finish is 100% original. It has lots of play wear and even moremojo. It sounds awesome!!! The neck is 100% original to the body. It hasthe 3 way switch as it is supposed to, staggered pole original pickups (numbered from the neck 9420, middle 6420, bridge 7310) (the bridge one 7310 isre-wound I am told and not original to the guitar but the same vintage), original knobs, original reversepearl pick guard (as used in 1968-1970 only), two pot cans date cts 1966 themiddle one is cts 1967 (as they should in this era), the F tuners are original,and the saddles are original, as are the tremolo and tremolo bar are originaland everything else on the guitar. Thefrets and finger board are in great shape. The neck plate is original, and the case is original too. It is very hard to read the rubber stamp onthe neck, it seems to be NOV 22 ????. Itis missing the back plate..."

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