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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1956 Gibson All Gold Vintage Les Paul Conversion

via this auction

"This ORIGINAL FINISH all gold 1956 Les Paul is as good as it gets! Super resonant and only 8.5lbs! Nice full neck - but not crazy big - a little less shoulder than you see in many reissues. We professionally converted this guitar to humbuckers with a great sounding pair of real '59 long magnet PAF pickups (with repro covers). The bridge pickup specs at 7.89k and the neck pickup at 7.63k. The pots and caps are all original 1956 electronics and they sound/work great! Changes include Bigsby holes from an added Bigsby, an excellent pro refret, and (of course) added pickguard and rings. There's the typical "greening" of the back of the neck - but this does not affect playability at all. This instrument "has the magic" and we urge any potential North American buyers to try/pick up this guitar in person for the cost of a plane ticket. The original brown Lifton Cali Girl case is very worn, but has been repaired, and is structurally sound..."

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