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Thursday, September 12, 2013

1966 Mosrite Baritone Prototype - The Ventures Fender Bass VI

via this auction

"All original and just about as close to mint condition as physically possible, 1966 Mosrite baritone guitar / 6-string bass prototype in its original Sparkle Blue finish. Serial number 6 001. Pots and body stamp date to 1966. One-of-a-kind three-piece maple neck, custom aluminum string guide, six Mosrite "duck foot" tuners, unworn speed frets, factory modified Moseley trem to accommodate bass strings (enlarged string holes and bent rocker assembly - see chrome stress cracks), and roller bridge. Other than a couple small paint chips, metal tarnish and slight yellowing of the clear coat to show its age, this 47-year old case queen is in like new condition. Despite the hillbilly engineering involved in slapping a standard guitar vibrato on a bass, it just doesn't work with the added string tension. Slight warble, sure, but no dive bombs please. But the arm does deliver on its most important feature: looking bitchin'! Low action, plays great, sounds great. Undeniably Mosrite - an unknown piece of California surf guitar history. Just amazing.

Who knew this even existed?! Ever wonder why Mosrite never made a baritone guitar to complement The Ventures model just like Fender did with the Bass VI and their Jaguar/Jazzmaster? Well, wonder no more. Looks like they did and just didn't bother to tell anyone about it. Get your Lonely Surfer on and blow minds at the same time..."

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