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Monday, September 30, 2013

70s Unique 100% Vintage RARE Soviet Electric Bass Guitar Axe

via this auction

"Bass guitar, named RODEN, manufactured by Moscow Experimental Factory of musical instruments (USSR) since the begining of 70's.
The first thing that catches your eye - a strange axe form of deck remotely resembling the GUILD B-301 guitar. It would seem that the conclusion is simple - if the American guitar was not appeared since 1977. The body is made of wood softwood established between two birch, and covered with a layer of polyester varnish. The neck is made of five maple bars equipped with truss rod. Adjusting nut is bred in the heel. Scale is 776 mm. The fingerboard is made of pear and marked up pillboxes. The nut is made of maple. The neck is attached to the body with four screws that pass through the tin neckplate.The bridge can only adjust the intonation.

The scheme, mounted on the pickguard of sparkling celluloid has two single pickups, keyboard selector, separate volume controls for each pickups, tone control and classic DIN5 output. Potentiometer knobs are made of duralumin. String grounding is not provided.

The sound of the bass characteristic of Soviet-vintage, with a predominance of the mid-part, by direct attack, and not the longest sustain.

For some reason it's a pretty rare sight, because it does look as radical as it could be! Really vintage sound! This guitar was never made for export and this is another reason why they're rare in Europe and USA.
So get it, before its too late!

You will need a special ADAPTER (5DIN > 1/4 Jack) to plug the guitar in any standard gear. You can buy one at MY STORE (or just make a note after purchase) and it will be added to your order without additional shipping charges."

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