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Monday, September 23, 2013

Original Gibson 1962 Vintage ES 345 Stereo Sunburst

via this auction

"Sunburst 1962 ES-345 in excellent condition. This uncirculated guitar is all original, with no modifications, other than the following items. The original tuners have been replaced with reissue tuners. Some buttons shrunk on the original, included tuners. The pickup cover on the neck pickup was taken off at one point and re-installed. Bridge saddles have been replaced. No cracks or breaks. My tech has thoroughly inspected this guitar, and you will find no surprises that are not mentioned.
The guitar plays perfectly, stays in tune, and sounds incredible. In 50 years of playing I have owned golden era Les Pauls, 335s, and 345s, and not one sounded better than this guitar. It has original PAFs; 7.61 neck, 7.50 bridge, and has the perfect balance of power and clarity.

There is a small amount of normal playing wear near the first few frets on the fingerboard and neck, but the rest of the guitar looks like it has been in a time capsule. You will be hard-pressed to find any lacquer checking. Mickey Mouse Ears, PAFs, rare stop tail, beautiful sunburst finish front, back and on neck, original black case in excellent condition. There were only 102 62 sunburst 345s, most with bigsby vibratos. A stop tail example in stunning condition is a rare find.

These guitars are half the price of similar 335s and sound every bit as good. Pick yourself up a great guitar that you will treasure forever, or find a similar one at a retail shop for $3500 to $6500 more..."

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