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Monday, September 16, 2013

SUPER RARE Vintage 1967 Gibson EDS-1275 EDS1275 Doubleneck Guitar

via this auction

"Here we have an Ultra rare vintage 1967 Gibson EDS-1275 doubleneck guitar. Think Jimmy Page and Stairway to Heaven!!

This guitar is in near mint shape, probably the best shape of any 60s guitar I've ever seen. It is in all original condition, including the original case! At the bottom of the page is a link to 40+ super high resolution photos from every angle. Click a picture a second time to get even higher resolution : 40+ high resolution pictures

This guitar was proudly displayed at several of the largest guitar shows in the world, including the Great American Guitar show in Philly. I purchased it from internationally known dealer Kevin Borden (former CEO of Good Guys Guitars, current CEO of Kebos Bassworks, former columnist of The Low End in Premier Guitar Magazine), who acquired it for me from Craig Brody, owner of the Guitar Broker. These gentlemen have sold millions of dollars of vintage instruments, know their stuff, and will stand by their instruments. Kevin told me this guitar appears to have been a special order manufactured in 1967, which the customer didn't follow through on, and as such didn't actually ship to the new customer until 1971. I also had Joe Taino, former guitar tech for internationally known Hoboken Vintage Guitars go over this instrument with a fine tooth comb, and he verifies all the information on it.

This is an absolutely incredibly rare instrument - Kevin/Craig indicate its the only one of its kind he's ever seen. This is your chance to own a piece of history, a guitar likely to appreciate substantially year after year.

I've been asked what are some of the things that makes it rare. Here is the text from the Guitar Broker website where it was originally for sale when Kevin verified and got it for me:
'...ordered w/all Jimmy Page features,rare Walnut stained finish,late 60's production 6 & 12 string necks are 1 piece mahogany w/no volute or made in USA on them,long extended string stop bars a la Page's original 6/12,1st one we have ever found like this,100% original & near mint,ohsc.$22500.'"

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