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Thursday, October 3, 2013

1960 Fender Stratocaster Vintage Pre CBS

via this auction

"1960 Fender Stratocaster originally owned by Dan Aiken of Junkhouse

This is a real players guitar with a radius built into a fresh SS Jumbo re-fret…the board is orig 7.25”….the radius was built right into the frets themselves…a $400 re-fret/nut job by Mike Spicer, one of the top vintage guitar tech’s in Canada.

Tone is one of the best vintage strat tones you will ever hear…anyone that has played this guitar has a similar comment…”It doesn’t get any better than this”

All orignal except the following:

Just refretted ($400 Refret/nut job >> stainless steel jumbo frets with a 9”+ radius built into the fret itself. The board was not touched and is still 7.25” >> You can bend until your hearts content with NO FRETOUT’S / PICNHING) this was a custom job that took some begging as SS frets are not easy to work with…)

Very old re-finish 40+ years in my estimation (Originally burst then there is a coat of Red and what looks like a primer of white then white…all nitro, checking, super vintage look and vibe…maybe it left the factory Red and was re-sprayed once afterwards…white primer then the final finish coat...

The Trem arm is a repro from Crazy Parts (Germany) There is also repro saddles installed to save the originals that are included see pic. I will also include the rest of the repro bridge assembly which includes the trem block and top plate…the assembly cost $220euro’s plus shipping…the repro saddle’s will fool most vintage guys…they have the same tool marks, same steel, EXACT SAME FONT OF “Fender” & Pat. Pend” wear these babies out and keep the orig’s in a baggie…the orig have practically no wear/grooves on them

Rear trem cover and the bridge "Ash tray" cover is not included.

5 Way switch ( orig 3 included – works fine)

The rest is 100% original…"

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