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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rickenbacker 325 Carpi 1958 V82 John Lennon Vintage

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"1958 Rickenbacker model 325 Capri guitar V82. Often referred to as one of the "holy grail" guitars.
This particular guitar has been well documented in various online forums and websites. But I'll give the history of this guitar as we know it today.
Purchased by it's present owner in 1982, many parts were missing at the time. What came with the instrument: the body/neck, the nut, 2 pickups (of 3), 3 pots (of 4), toggle switch, and the 2 Astron tone capacitors. Since then, it has been lovingly restored by Charlotte area luthier, Patrick Walters of Reliable Music (now defunct).
Upon locating and replacing the missing parts, he discovered that one of the 2 pickups was not functioning and sent it to Rickenbacker for repair where they were able to re-solder/repair without actually having to rebuild the pickup. Reliable Music was a Rickenbacker dealer and enjoyed a close relationship with the company while in business. A proper "toaster" pickup was also provided by Rickenbacker to replace the missing third pickup. Research proved the switch, pots, and 2 pickups bought with the guitar were original and they were incorporated in the rebuilding. With much help from experts worldwide, the proper wiring diagram was discovered and used. All wiring is correct. Even the tone controls operate in the reverse fashion from modern methods of max treble at "10".
It appears that a previous owner may have installed other pickups at some time due to the appearance of wood being removed underneath the bridge and neck pickups.Best guess is that Rickenbacker long pole pickups were used and the chiseled out wood indicates this so as to allow the pole pieces room as they protruded under the pickups.The wood removed was minimal at best. Some touch-up was applied in filling these areas. They are not noticeable without removing the pickups.
This guitar was fitted with an older Bigsby vibrato unit with an eye to having it much like John Lennon's famous early years guitar (that he had repainted black years later). The bridge is also by Bigsby but sits upon a Sorkin base. Again in an effort to resemble Lennon's modifications.
Also the proper Grover tuners were added.
The truss rod cover/nameplate, control plate/pick guard, and input jack plate are all reproductions. The jack plate is even stamped V82. More on that later.
Much research has gone into identifying and verifying this guitar's authenticity. In 2005, George Gruhn states, "We certify that this guitar is in our opinion a Rickenbacker model 325 made during the period 1958 through 1959". On the website, "The 325 Connection", Glen Lambert notes about this particular instrument, "This '58 325 is the only known example identical to Lennon's in every way... ".
It has been further verified by renowned experts John Williams, and William Young. Using various known facts about the construction, such as use of a Forstner router bit on the inside of the instrument, along with documentation from Rickenbacker and other sources, they have concluded that this particular guitar is serial number V82. Six original 325's with solid tops (no F hole) and the long jack plate were produced in 1958. John Lennon's is documented as being serial number V81, the first produced. V83 has been accounted for. V84 is known to be a two tone brown finish. V85 and V86 are also accounted for. Leaving this particular guitar as the missing link, V82. Made immediately after and shipped to Germany along with the famous John Lennon guitar in October 1958. After that, is anyone's guess. Until it found it's way to it's present owner.
No breaks or cracks anywhere. It has been refretted by Mr. Walters with the proper fret wire to match. Lots of wear showing to the body and neck but nothing detracts from it's sound or playability. (see pics).
The guitar plays wonderfully and sounds perfect. The truss rod works perfectly and allows for a true and straight neck. Low, easy action from the strings.
A non-original case is supplied with the guitar.
Do not miss this once in a lifetime chance to own an actual piece of rock and roll history..."

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