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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


via this auction

"Recently purchased from the family of the original owner, this is a rather special and extremely rare guitar. The woman who purchased this guitar brand new in 1959, was purported to have only used it exclusively in church. Upon observing several small paint blemishes, which she felt were a manufacturer's defect, she sent her beloved Strat back to Fender for warranty work. At which point, Fender replaced the body of the guitar, along with the plastic parts, and re-assembled those with the original '59 neck, '59 electronics, and '59 hardware. The results were unequivocally awesome, as she ultimately received an impossibly rare mid-'60s maple neck Strat. Per Fender's factory refurbishment protocol, the guitar received a complete cosmetic makeover, so upon an external inspection, the guitar looks like a small headstock (circa '65) maple neck Strat! And by some accounts, and several professional opinions, it effectively is. Without further ado, for sale is this vintage 1959/1966 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 36047, is in pristine cosmetic condition and includes an original mid-'60s Fender case, the original '50s vibrato arm/whammy bar, the original ash tray bridge cover, and a vintage coily instrument cable! Do not miss out on this incredibly rare opportunity to buy one of Fender's coolest pet projects, both perfect for a collector or player desiring such an unique piece of Fender history!

Serial Number: 36047
Neck Date: 3-59
Pot Codes: 304901 (Stackpole)
Weight: 7 lbs. 9 oz.
Pickup Resistance: 6.07Ω (bridge), 5.55Ω (middle), 6.08Ω (neck)

Mentioned above, this completely original Fender Stratocaster was the product of Fender factory restoration work. All service work was administered by the Fender factory, and it was never modified aside from that which was under Fender's supervision. The following was upgraded and refurbished upon it's warranty repair: 1) The original body was replaced with an entirely stock 100% original (near perfect) '66 Fender Strat body, 2) The mint green pickguard and corresponding yellowed plastic parts were replaced with era-appropriate '66 white plastic pickguard and parts, 3) The brown case was replaced with a '66 era Black case, 4) a single tuning machine was replaced with a mid-'60s double-line Kluson deluxe tuner, as it was slightly bent, 5) Following the original '59 neck being refinished by Fender, an early-'66 transitional decal was applied to the headstock in place of the original spaghetti logo version. Afterward the original 1959 production parts remaining were: 1) the original neck with original frets, 2) 5 of the 6 original single-line tuning machines, 3) the original bridge block with bridge saddles, (as well as all other metal hardware) 4) the original pickups, 5) the original pots, 6) the original shielding plate under the pickguard, 7) and the original neck plate with original serial number.

The extent of this factory work is quite comprehensive, so it's surprising it wasn't used following it's return to the original owner. Nearly 50 years after the warranty service, it remained unused and unplayed underneath her bed! In any case, the guitar remains in near pristine, near mint, near perfect cosmetic condition, and it looks near new. Aside from a couple incredibly small physical blemishes, and some slight weather-checking on the headstock, the guitar looks almost brand new, and is approaching a perfectly preserved condition.

While the condition of this guitar is utterly unbelievable, the best part of this Strat is that it has the original '59 maple neck, as well as, an enitrley intact electronic setup from the same guitar, combined with the aesthetic appointments of a mid-'60s transitional logo Fender instrument! The killer combination, or factory Frankenstein, offers the impossible opportunity to own an original maple neck mid-'60s Strat!

The guitar feels great, and the original black bobbin pickups sound incredible. It works perfectly, and remains in fully functional condition. The original frets were dressed by Fender, and display a somewhat small profile. The case is in near perfect shape, and the overall presentation of the package is marvelous. Definitely one to consider buying because recreating this potential purchase will not be possible!"

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