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Monday, January 13, 2014

Vintage 1969 Closet Classic Fender Jazz Bass

via this auction

"The Fender Jazz Bass has topped Vintage Guitar's 25 most valuable bass list every year. I am the second owner of this Jazz Bass (traded a Glen Campbell Ovation with the first owner in 1970), and it has been a closet classic ever since. The Nitro finish still has brilliance. There are no buckle scares, and the covers that came with this Jazz are still in the plastic as from factory. Of course, there is some common nitro peeling along the edges, but still this is a pristine example. The case is also mint.

The bass has excellent playability and was just setup, with the action now very similar to a guitar with the strings set low. The neck has plenty of room for adjustment on the truss rod, with a straight and true neck..."

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