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Monday, February 3, 2014

1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

via this auction

"First year, clean, and all original 1952 Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. Although the ’52 is not as desirable as the later examples of the gold top it indeed was the first and absolutely is an iconic instrument. This collector grade example features an original gold top finish with natural back and sides. The original pickups are nice and strong rating 7.83K in the bridge and 9.34K in the neck. The entire guitar blacklights flawlessly and the control cavity appears to be completely untouched. The neck on this example is not as fat as later 50s Les Pauls but it absolutely has a nice round shape to it. Plays and sounds fantastic with no issues. Comes with the original brown Lifton hardshell case, strap, and sales ad. Wow!!"

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