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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vintage Mary Ford's / Les Paul's 1961 Gibson SG electric guitar

via this auction

"Mary Ford's personal 1961 Gibson (SG) Les Paul Custom electric guitar, as seen on the History Channel's Pawn Stars Jan. 24, 2012 (Season 5 Episode 18). Mary Ford was Les Paul's wife, performing partner, co writer and collaborator. She was an excellent guitarist and could go note for note with Les. This is a top of the line Gibson guitar in it's original condition with a partial set list still taped to the back of the guitar just as she last played it and how it appeared on Pawn Stars. The guitar was used in promotional photo shoots, album and record covers, and to perform live on stage with Les. It has been appraised at $150,000.00 possibly more. Includes original hard shell case, Mary's guitar strap, two original photos of Les Paul and Mary Ford, a file folder from 1951 with personal correspondence from Les to various people, friends, his agent and others. It includes a signed contract and a letter in which Les is told not to sign that contract with Gibson. Also included are a few authenticated Les Paul signatures. This guitar was mentioned in Time Magazine March 5, 2012 a copy is included with this auction, it is the cover story on Vintage Guitar Magazine Sept 2012 also included, It is shown in the double volume set "The Les Paul Legacy" included, also on an album cover included. The guitar is sold in "as is" condition, works and plays great. This is a one of a kind piece of history, especially with Les's personal correspondence. The only guitar that can be traced to Mary Ford. A museum quality package. Payment is by cashier check only and must clear before the item is shipped. Shipping is $300.00 crated and insured via freight shipping.

Ebony fret board
Extra special MOP inlays
Triple pickups (Original) covers were removed
Original bridge"

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