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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

1962 Vintage Gibson Stop Tail ES-345 SB Electric Guitar

via this auction

"Vintage original stop tail 1962 Gibson ES-345 Stereo in excellent condition. Plays great, sounds great. Original beautiful sunburst factory finish has no weather checking anywhere, no buckle rash on the back. Origianal stop tail, never had a bigsby. Two original PAFs: Neck 7.62, Bridge 7.48. The sound is the perfect mix between power and fidelity. Mickey Mouse ears. Wiring, case, frets, stop tail piece, orange label, ABR-1, and finish, are all original. No structural problems, chips, cracks or scratches. Very little wear; and even the headstock edges look incredibly fresh. 102 sunburst 345s were made in 1962, most with bigsbys. It is rare opportunity to find an original stop tail, let alone, one in this condition.

This guitar was played, well cared for, protected, and unmolested. My tech is a specialist in vintage instruments, has carefully inspected the guitar. The only items that are not "completely original" are: 1. The tuners on the guitar are replacements. The original tuners are included. Nothing has been drilled or routed. The old tuners with a couple of shrunken and cracked buttons, came off, the replacements were slipped on, & screwed down. 2. Like most ES's with nylon bridge saddles, they were replaced over time. 3. One pickup cover was off and has been put back on professionally, 4. A small section of binding on the neck came loose around the 2nd and 3rd frets. It was glued back on. A small amount of lacquer was applied to smooth out the edge that remained, and buffed out.
There is some normal playing wear in the finish and fingerboard, around the 2nd and 3rd fret. The rest of the guitar is astonishingly clean.
If you would like to see anything in greater detail, please ask for additional photos. The ES's were a work in progress and went through minor changes over the first years, and many people believe these early 60s guitars were the best and most consistent.
It has a typical 62 neck profile which has a little more meat and depth than the typical thin 60s neck, and a little less that the bulbous 59 necks. It weighs approximately 8 1/2 pounds.

This is the cleanest and most reasonably priced straight PAF equipped 345 for sale. Don't pass it up. Prices are steadily rising again. At less than half the price of a similar year ES335, you can own one a golden era Gibson ES with PAFs in great condition..."

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