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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Original Fender Stratocaster Vintage 1963 Mint Condition

via this auction

"The guitar was made, purchased, and stored in Southern California this entire time! The first thing you notice about the guitar is that it is in amazing, museum like condition! The parts are all original and have proper matching codes on neck and electronics to confirm the period and it's authenticity. It has the 3 position switch, a Brazilian rosewood neck, clay dot inlays, 5 springs in the tremelo cavity, the original coil style guitar cable, daisy style cleaning cloth, and original tremelo bar. The guitar was purchased in the early Jan of 1964, and on the inside, it is stamped LPB. But for unknown reasons to his wife, he later had it repainted sunburst, at the Fender factory in the late 60's, or possibly the early 70's. The case is believed to have been purchased at that time, (because it does not have the 'tail' on the logo). We believe the case may have been purchased when they repainted the guitar, because he had the same case since then. The Fender factory also placed a large headstock logo on the guitar, at the time of the repaint (we learned this was a common practice at the time), which has since been professionally restored to the original logo. Please examine the pictures for the specs and details. This guitar has been professionally set up and examined by two local experts and luthiers to confirm the electronics working condition and to verify the value..."

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