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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vintage National Valpro 98 Glenwood Map Guitar


via this auction

This is one of the best examples of this guitar we’ve seen in decades. This 1963 National Valpro Map guitar, is in absolutely 100% original condition, and is in incredible shape for a guitar of this age.
This gorgeous museum quality piece a is a 1963 National Glenwood 98 guitar in outstanding original condition! Featuring two HOT single coil pickups, which offer three distinct tones using the Switchcraft 3-way switch, with volume and tone controls for each. Beautiful Res-O-Glass full map-shape body with minimal cracks around the output jack, cool diamond fingerboard inlays, Bigsby trem, and more! The neck is straight, the neck angle is perfect, and this one has LOW action all the way up the neck! Tones range from smooth to outrageous... just great! One of the coolest aspects of this guitar is what it comes with. It not only includes the original amazing condition hard case, but also includes the original hang tag, post card AND original National catalog, which is in such amazing condition we thought it was a reprint at first, but is 100% ORIGINAL!!!! These catalogs alone just DO NOT exist in this condition!!!!
An unbelievable package!"

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